The Mobile World Congress insights shaping our conversations with tech and telco leaders


March 18, 2022Mobile World Congress (MWC), the leading event in the connectivity industry, was held live in Barcelona earlier this month. It’s a showcase for companies to launch their newest devices and experiences for business and entertainment. This year, the first time the event was held in person since 2019, participants could try out virtual time travel, a 4D metaverse roller coaster, musical sunglasses, digital tattooing, and much more.

Dozens of McKinsey colleagues attended, delivering keynotes, moderating panels, and leading workshops. Bob Sternfels, our global managing partner, helped set the stage in his keynote by outlining the immense opportunities that telcos have to drive sustainable and inclusive growth, highlighting some important elements that will be needed to achieve this: collaboration, bold leadership, and innovative business models.

Coming back together in-person was key, our colleagues said. “I am zoomed out,” says Tarek Elmasry, a McKinsey senior partner. “In-person meetings here are the lifeblood of what we do.”

In this post, attendees reflect on what they heard and learned at the event and how these insights are informing their client conversations and plans going forward.