McKinsey launches new health initiative aiming to add “years to life and life to years”


April 1, 2022The speed and scale of the global response to COVID-19, while imperfect, demonstrated that with resources and motivation, scientific breakthroughs and large-scale behavior change can happen quickly. What might be possible if similar levels of focus, commitment, and collaboration were applied to other health problems that affect massive populations?

This week, we launched the McKinsey Health Institute (MHI), a non-profit-generating entity within McKinsey, to turn that possibility into reality. MHI’s mission is to catalyze the actions needed across continents, sectors, and communities to realize possible gains in life expectancy and quality of life. MHI is launching with seven initial focus areas critical to the benefit of society, with a near-term priority of brain health.

We sat down with MHI global leaders Tom Latkovic and Martin Dewhurst and co-leader Erica Coe to learn more about MHI, its approach, and how it plans to change things for the better.