McKinsey acquires team from a leading digital commerce agency: LOBO


March 14, 2022“It’s a time of high-growth for e-commerce and digital transformation in Latin America,” says Facundo Bonfigli who, along with Lucas Chimmalez, created LOBO, a boutique digital agency in Buenos Aires. Founded in 2016, the agency has grown significantly over the past six years, working across 25 industries and in 15 countries. [Note: This story is also available in Spanish.]

Today, we are very pleased to announce that the full LOBO team will be joining McKinsey. They will double the size of our digital commerce and operations team in the Americas, forming the core of a new capability hub based in Buenos Aires serving clients in Latin America and North America.

According to Stephan Zimmermann, a McKinsey senior partner who leads our digital marketing analytics group for the Americas, the region is experiencing a digital revolution due to “a convergence of factors that are hitting all at once—a digital-savvy population, booming smartphone penetration, fast growing tech start-ups and unicorns, and surging ecommerce growth.”